South Africa



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Browning, John  South Africa I34430
2 Greyling, Jacoba  1883South Africa I95580
3 Hibberd, Ellen Kate  1895South Africa I105226
4 Hibberd, Sidney George  1893South Africa I105225
5 Hough, Hester Margaret  30 Aug 1893South Africa I95608
6 Langmann, Ethel Maud  South Africa I95503
7 Louw, Elizabeth Helena Catherina  Abt 1863South Africa I95446
8 Louw, Elsje Johanna  Abt 1854South Africa I95442
9 Louw, Jacoba Catherina  1865South Africa I95447
10 Louw, Nicolaas Soloman  1859South Africa I95444
11 Louw, Wilhelmina Petronella Jacoba  1861South Africa I95445
12 MacKintosh, Connor  South Africa I43514
13 Pretorius, Catharina Johanna  South Africa I95512
14 Stidworthy, Ada Laura  30 Jun 1878South Africa I95460
15 Stidworthy, Alfred William  12 Apr 1863South Africa I95454
16 Stidworthy, Alice Stella Jane  27 Jan 1887South Africa I95463
17 Stidworthy, Anna Maria  1867South Africa I95495
18 Stidworthy, Caroline Margaret  1876South Africa I95499
19 Stidworthy, Clifton Frederick  10 Jan 1912South Africa I95529
20 Stidworthy, Coroline Maria Plunkett  7 Feb 1869South Africa I95456
21 Stidworthy, Edward Daniel  2 Jun 1865South Africa I95455
22 Stidworthy, Emily Letitia  4 Sep 1858South Africa I95452
23 Stidworthy, Emma Amy  30 Jun 1882South Africa I95462
24 Stidworthy, George Alfred  1871South Africa I95496
25 Stidworthy, Harriet Matilda Eliza  4 Oct 1875South Africa I95459
26 Stidworthy, James Alfred  1921South Africa I95506
27 Stidworthy, Joseph Ernest  South Africa I95504
28 Stidworthy, Louis Theodorus  South Africa I95526
29 Stidworthy, Minnie Kathleen  20 May 1902South Africa I95515
30 Stidworthy, Vivian Lawrence  28 Oct 1893South Africa I95602
31 Warren, Edward Blore  12 Jul 1901South Africa I95546
32 Warren, Pote Maxwell  21 Feb 1915South Africa I95551
33 Warren, Wilfred William  30 Dec 1910South Africa I95550


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Esch, Juliana Elizabeth  23 Apr 1988South Africa I95508
2 Greyling, Dirk Arnoldus  South Africa I95579
3 Harris, Stanley David  Abt 1998South Africa I15008
4 Norton, Percival Edgecombe  11 Feb 1928South Africa I95613
5 Rosewarne, Julia Gladys Muriel  1998South Africa I70856
6 Rosewarne, Richard Pearce  South Africa I70847
7 Stidworthy, Amelia Letitia  1875South Africa I95498
8 Stidworthy, Charles Edgecombe  1993South Africa I95532
9 Stidworthy, Ester Amy  8 Jul 1921South Africa I95525
10 Stidworthy, Flora  8 Jan 1977South Africa I95511
11 Stidworthy, George Alfred  11 Feb 1942South Africa I95496
12 Stidworthy, Matilda Amelia  1866South Africa I95429
13 Stidworthy, William Fletcher  25 Dec 1863South Africa I95431
14 Vaughan, Lionel Francis  17 Aug 1916South Africa I65016
15 Von Brughan, Hugo Hanzel  15 Jun 2013South Africa I95492


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Stidworthy, Matilda Amelia  South Africa I95429
2 Von Brughan, Hugo Hanzel  15 Jun 2013South Africa I95492
3 Warren, Edgecombe Grifford  South Africa I95547


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Harris, Stanley David  Abt 1998South Africa I15008
2 Harris, Stanley David  Abt 1998South Africa I15008