Tree: The Williams Family Tree

 : Latitude: 56.4906712, Longitude: -4.2026458


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Joan  Scotland I109844
2 Anderson, Charles  Abt 1858Scotland I33338
3 Anderson, Davinia  Abt 1869Scotland I33337
4 Anderson, George Bell  1818Scotland I109614
5 Anderson, James  Abt 1843Scotland I34021
6 Anderson, Janet  Abt 1866Scotland I33332
7 Armstrong, John  1837Scotland I57126
8 Badenoch, George  Abt 1841Scotland I50899
9 Barker, Mary  1815Scotland I20395
10 Boyd, Janet  Abt 1885Scotland I68598
11 Brown, Adam  Abt 1849Scotland I3807
12 Brown, Isabella  Abt 1845Scotland I3806
13 Brown, James  Abt 1855Scotland I3809
14 Brown, James  6 Feb 1865Scotland I3810
15 Brown, James Ina  Abt 1851Scotland I3808
16 Cairns, John  Abt 1859Scotland I100122
17 Campbell, Christina Margaret  23 Feb 1902Scotland I42829
18 Campbell, David  1890Scotland I42818
19 Campbell, Edith  Abt 1904Scotland I42830
20 Carmichael, John  Scotland I61406
21 Carmichael, William  1848Scotland I61404
22 Craig, John  Abt 1837Scotland I99029
23 Daniel, Elizabeth  Abt 1843Scotland I2134
24 Daniel, Captain Thomas  1802Scotland I2152
25 Daniel, Captain Thomas  Abt 1832Scotland I2131
26 Davidson, Robert  Abt 1780Scotland I86832
27 Dolan, Ann  Scotland I19008
28 Fisher, Christina  Abt 1878Scotland I104084
29 Gillan, James  Abt 1859Scotland I80882
30 Gillies, Agnes  Abt 1841Scotland I29466
31 Gillies, James A.  Abt 1875Scotland I29454
32 Gillies, John  Abt 1873Scotland I29453
33 Gillies, Margaret  Abt 1839Scotland I29465
34 Gillies, William  Abt 1843Scotland I29467
35 Gordon, Janet of Gight  Abt 1587Scotland I92395
36 Graham Mrs  Abt 1774Scotland I109052
37 Graham, Margaret  Apr 1822Scotland I109055
38 Graham, Thomas  8 Apr 1825Scotland I109056
39 Grant, James Young  23 May 1903Scotland I28045
40 Greive, Archibald  1820Scotland I52079
41 Greive, Jane  1812Scotland I52127
42 Hackett, James  22 Sep 1914Scotland I7544
43 Haines, John  Abt 1832Scotland I65022
44 Hannan, Joseph Maine  Scotland I97089
45 Henderson, Margaret  Abt 1790Scotland I37968
46 Hyslop, Isabella  1832Scotland I88177
47 Kelly, John  1853Scotland I51935
48 Leith, Jemima  Scotland I92541
49 Leith, Margaret Albinia  1844Scotland I92540
50 Lindsay, John  Abt 1836Scotland I88255
51 Mary  Abt 1820Scotland I89962
52 McCulloch, Samuel  Abt 1831Scotland I2312
53 McDonald, Ann  Abt 1778Scotland I33783
54 McDonald, Christina  25 Dec 1798Scotland I33908
55 McKinnon, Isabella  1834Scotland I34872
56 McLean, George  Abt 1877Scotland I54956
57 McLean, John  Abt 1845Scotland I54954
58 McLean, John  Abt 1881Scotland I54957
59 McMiken, Robert Jeffrey  13 Mar 1820Scotland I38242
60 McPherson, Ann  Abt 1839Scotland I39708
61 Montgomery, Mary Jane  1845Scotland I41761
62 Murray, Elizabeth  Abt 1805Scotland I92315
63 Ness, Thomas  Abt 1844Scotland I109613
64 Paul, John  Abt 1788Scotland I37967
65 Paul, Margaret  Abt 1826Scotland I37019
66 Powell, Peter  1740Scotland I18197
67 Prout, Campbell  Abt 1864Scotland I51380
68 Shuttleworth, Irving Bilton  1932Scotland I39487
69 Strachan, Boyd  Abt 1808Scotland I67948
70 Townsend, Jane  1861Scotland I54134
71 Unknown, Elizabeth  1823Scotland I52141
72 Unknown, Elizabeth C.  Abt 1841Scotland I99042
73 Unknown, Elizabeth M.  Abt 1849Scotland I55568
74 Unknown, Helen  Abt 1853Scotland I29452
75 Unknown, Isabell  Abt 1846Scotland I54955
76 Unknown, Jessie  Abt 1870Scotland I98823
77 Unknown, Margaret  Abt 1817Scotland I29459
78 Warnecki, Mary  Scotland I51070
79 Watret, James  Abt 1866Scotland I98822
80 Wilson, John Alexander  1793Scotland I104750


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Keevil, Charles  Scotland I89894


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / McPherson  Abt 1851Scotland F12070
2 Campbell / Williamson  1894Scotland F12916