Bexhill, Sussex, England


Tree: The Williams Family Tree

Latitude: 50.8449663888889, Longitude: 0.460396944444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Emily  1851Bexhill, Sussex, England I81585
2 Ball, Albert William  1905Bexhill, Sussex, England I56674
3 Ball, Lois May  1906Bexhill, Sussex, England I56673
4 Beeching, Rebecca  1792Bexhill, Sussex, England I56905
5 Britt, Emily Alma  1858Bexhill, Sussex, England I56608
6 Cornford, Edith Margery  1894Bexhill, Sussex, England I56664
7 Errey, Ada  1875Bexhill, Sussex, England I56762
8 Errey, Ann  1850Bexhill, Sussex, England I56748
9 Errey, Grace  1881Bexhill, Sussex, England I56764
10 Errey, Horace Walter  1878Bexhill, Sussex, England I56763
11 Errey, William  1845Bexhill, Sussex, England I56745
12 Freeman, Sarah Jane  1853Bexhill, Sussex, England I56726
13 Godwin, Jemima  1818Bexhill, Sussex, England I56914
14 Harmer, Annie May  1898Bexhill, Sussex, England I57072
15 Harmer, Ethel Rose  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I57069
16 Harmer, Frank Edward  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I57073
17 Harmer, Leicester J.  1896Bexhill, Sussex, England I57071
18 Harmer, Percy Thomas  1894Bexhill, Sussex, England I57070
19 Harris, Eliza  1842Bexhill, Sussex, England I51034
20 Henzell, Edward Twizell  1848Bexhill, Sussex, England I31525
21 Munn, Sarah  1849Bexhill, Sussex, England I56759
22 Parker, Edward  1833Bexhill, Sussex, England I57151
23 Reed, James Styles  Abt 1844Bexhill, Sussex, England I74920
24 Savage, Charles Frederick  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56724
25 Spray, Albert  30 Apr 1855Bexhill, Sussex, England I56716
26 Spray, Albert  18 Mar 1882Bexhill, Sussex, England I56727
27 Spray, Albert Victor  1907Bexhill, Sussex, England I56730
28 Spray, Alfred  1834Bexhill, Sussex, England I57117
29 Spray, Alma Annie  5 Mar 1926Bexhill, Sussex, England I56735
30 Spray, Alma Elizabeth  1896Bexhill, Sussex, England I56725
31 Spray, Ann  5 Dec 1819Bexhill, Sussex, England I57087
32 Spray, Anna  8 Oct 1855Bexhill, Sussex, England I56317
33 Spray, Berton  15 Oct 1883Bexhill, Sussex, England I56615
34 Spray, Caleb  1836Bexhill, Sussex, England I56936
35 Spray, Caroline  9 Dec 1862Bexhill, Sussex, England I56626
36 Spray, Cecil William Stephen  12 Mar 1915Bexhill, Sussex, England I56589
37 Spray, Charles  31 Dec 1859Bexhill, Sussex, England I56708
38 Spray, Charles W.  1886Bexhill, Sussex, England I58196
39 Spray, Charles William  1860Bexhill, Sussex, England I56934
40 Spray, Charlotte  6 Oct 1870Bexhill, Sussex, England I56568
41 Spray, Constance Bertha  Bexhill, Sussex, England I56591
42 Spray, Edith  4 Dec 1881Bexhill, Sussex, England I56613
43 Spray, Elsie May  1916Bexhill, Sussex, England I56590
44 Spray, Fanny  8 May 1854Bexhill, Sussex, England I56318
45 Spray, Fanny  9 Nov 1862Bexhill, Sussex, England I56935
46 Spray, Florence Edith  17 Oct 1902Bexhill, Sussex, England I61759
47 Spray, Frank Edward  1879Bexhill, Sussex, England I56573
48 Spray, Freda  24 Apr 1888Bexhill, Sussex, England I56729
49 Spray, Frederick  21 Oct 1874Bexhill, Sussex, England I56571
50 Spray, George  1857Bexhill, Sussex, England I56639
51 Spray, George Ernest  30 Jul 1883Bexhill, Sussex, England I56614
52 Spray, Gladys Mary  18 Jul 1908Bexhill, Sussex, England I56731
53 Spray, Grace  13 Aug 1876Bexhill, Sussex, England I56574
54 Spray, Harry  1866Bexhill, Sussex, England I56199
55 Spray, Henry  14 Nov 1854Bexhill, Sussex, England I56955
56 Spray, James  22 Mar 1818Bexhill, Sussex, England I56974
57 Spray, James  1850Bexhill, Sussex, England I56779
58 Spray, James Henry  1877Bexhill, Sussex, England I56572
59 Spray, Jane  1850Bexhill, Sussex, England I56740
60 Spray, Lester Vitler  4 Dec 1852Bexhill, Sussex, England I56607
61 Spray, Mary  1860Bexhill, Sussex, England I56319
62 Spray, Mary Ann  4 Apr 1848Bexhill, Sussex, England I56611
63 Spray, Mary Jane  1 Jul 1857Bexhill, Sussex, England I57018
64 Spray, Nelson  1857Bexhill, Sussex, England I56717
65 Spray, Phila(Delphia)  15 Jul 1827Bexhill, Sussex, England I57116
66 Spray, Phoebe  19 Aug 1883Bexhill, Sussex, England I56582
67 Spray, Sidney  21 Sep 1856Bexhill, Sussex, England I56722
68 Spray, Sophia  1855Bexhill, Sussex, England I56780
69 Spray, William  22 Feb 1846Bexhill, Sussex, England I56633
70 Spray, William  20 May 1855Bexhill, Sussex, England I56721
71 Turner, Sarah  1825Bexhill, Sussex, England I57283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Duke, Elizabeth  5 Jun 1825Bexhill, Sussex, England I56742
2 Prior, Charles  5 May 1822Bexhill, Sussex, England I57234
3 Prior, Delia Janette  5 May 1822Bexhill, Sussex, England I57235
4 Prior, Edwin  20 Sep 1829Bexhill, Sussex, England I57236
5 Prior, Frederick  10 Feb 1811Bexhill, Sussex, England I57232
6 Prior, Thomas  30 Sep 1784Bexhill, Sussex, England I57231
7 Prior, Thomas Edward  19 Jan 1817Bexhill, Sussex, England I57233
8 Spray, Albert  26 Apr 1882Bexhill, Sussex, England I56727
9 Spray, Albert Victor  25 Aug 1907Bexhill, Sussex, England I56730
10 Spray, Alma Annie  29 Apr 1926Bexhill, Sussex, England I56735
11 Spray, Berton  21 Jan 1884Bexhill, Sussex, England I56615
12 Spray, Cecil William Stephen  23 May 1915Bexhill, Sussex, England I56589
13 Spray, Edith  21 Feb 1883Bexhill, Sussex, England I56613
14 Spray, Elsie May  22 Sep 1916Bexhill, Sussex, England I56590
15 Spray, George Ernest  3 Dec 1883Bexhill, Sussex, England I56614
16 Spray, Gladys Mary  30 Aug 1908Bexhill, Sussex, England I56731
17 Spray, Jesse  27 Jun 1824Bexhill, Sussex, England I56924
18 Spray, John  6 Aug 1831Bexhill, Sussex, England I57086
19 Winborne, Charlotte  2 Feb 1783Bexhill, Sussex, England I62423


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ayling, Ellen Annie  12 Dec 1963Bexhill, Sussex, England I56736
2 Britt, Emily Alma  29 Jan 1947Bexhill, Sussex, England I56608
3 Buss, Godfrey Charles Jarvis  12 May 1980Bexhill, Sussex, England I56670
4 Buss, Gordon Reginald  21 Nov 1982Bexhill, Sussex, England I56668
5 Crouch, Charlotte  1917Bexhill, Sussex, England I56897
6 Hales, Elizabeth  9 Jun 1677Bexhill, Sussex, England I57160
7 Lingham, Elizabeth J.  1922Bexhill, Sussex, England I56567
8 Smith, Doreen Felton  17 May 2003Bexhill, Sussex, England I56561
9 Spray, Albert  1944Bexhill, Sussex, England I56716
10 Spray, Dorothy Frances  Jun 1917Bexhill, Sussex, England I56587
11 Spray, Esther  1918Bexhill, Sussex, England I56718
12 Spray, Freda  1897Bexhill, Sussex, England I56729
13 Spray, Lester James  1923Bexhill, Sussex, England I56895
14 Spray, Lester Vitler  15 Oct 1936Bexhill, Sussex, England I56607
15 Spray, Phoebe  14 Jun 1966Bexhill, Sussex, England I56582
16 Spray, Raymond Bishop  Bef 4 May 1906Bexhill, Sussex, England I56700
17 Spray, Raymond Lester  12 Dec 1963Bexhill, Sussex, England I56618
18 Spray, Walter Eldridge  14 Jun 1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I56544
19 Spray, Walter Frank  26 Feb 1958Bexhill, Sussex, England I56595
20 Weeks, Mabel  17 Jul 1977Bexhill, Sussex, England I676
21 Wilson, Cicely  21 May 2008Bexhill, Sussex, England I56669


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Crouch, Charlotte  15 Sep 1917Bexhill, Sussex, England I56897
2 Prior, Delia Janette  28 Mar 1881Bexhill, Sussex, England I57235
3 Spray, Dorothy Frances  11 Jun 1917Bexhill, Sussex, England I56587
4 Spray, Harriet  3 Mar 1825Bexhill, Sussex, England I56294
5 Spray, Lester James  12 Jan 1923Bexhill, Sussex, England I56895
6 Spray, Lester Vitler  Aft 20 Oct 1936Bexhill, Sussex, England I56607


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Spray, Alfred  28 Sep 1834Bexhill, Sussex, England I57117
2 Spray, Alma Elizabeth  5 Oct 1896Bexhill, Sussex, England I56725
3 Spray, Charles  28 Mar 1860Bexhill, Sussex, England I56708
4 Spray, Charles William  1 Feb 1860Bexhill, Sussex, England I56934
5 Spray, Fanny  11 Jan 1863Bexhill, Sussex, England I56935
6 Spray, George  5 Mar 1820Bexhill, Sussex, England I56703
7 Spray, George  20 Aug 1853Bexhill, Sussex, England I56720
8 Spray, Henry  14 Jan 1855Bexhill, Sussex, England I56955
9 Spray, Joshua  23 Nov 1823Bexhill, Sussex, England I57066
10 Spray, Joshua  1 Feb 1860Bexhill, Sussex, England I57027
11 Spray, Lester Vitler  6 Feb 1853Bexhill, Sussex, England I56607
12 Spray, Mary Ann  11 Jun 1848Bexhill, Sussex, England I56611
13 Spray, Sidney  23 Nov 1856Bexhill, Sussex, England I56722
14 Spray, Sophia  28 Mar 1860Bexhill, Sussex, England I56723
15 Spray, William  7 Jul 1822Bexhill, Sussex, England I56922
16 Spray, William  23 Dec 1855Bexhill, Sussex, England I56721


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Collins, Ann  1871Bexhill, Sussex, England I56707
2 Cornford, Edith Margery  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I56664
3 Cornford, Henry  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I56650
4 Errey, Amos Edward  1851Bexhill, Sussex, England I56746
5 Errey, Ann  1851Bexhill, Sussex, England I56748
6 Errey, William  1851Bexhill, Sussex, England I56745
7 Fleming, Jane Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56933
8 Godwin, Jemima  1871Bexhill, Sussex, England I56914
9 Harman, Albert  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I56648
10 Harvey, Ellen  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56232
11 Lingham, Elizabeth J.  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I56567
12 Lingham, Elizabeth J.  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I56567
13 Pook, Herbert P.  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I56372
14 Quaife, Mary  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I56896
15 Spray, Albert  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I56727
16 Spray, Alfred  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I56625
17 Spray, Alma Elizabeth  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I56725
18 Spray, Ann  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I57087
19 Spray, Ann  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I57085
20 Spray, Anna  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56317
21 Spray, Caleb  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I56936
22 Spray, Charles William  7 Apr 1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56934
23 Spray, Elizabeth  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I56320
24 Spray, Fanny  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56318
25 Spray, Frank Edward  1881Bexhill, Sussex, England I56573
26 Spray, George  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56639
27 Spray, George  1871Bexhill, Sussex, England I56720
28 Spray, Henry  7 Apr 1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56955
29 Spray, James  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I56974
30 Spray, James  1871Bexhill, Sussex, England I56891
31 Spray, Jane  1851Bexhill, Sussex, England I56621
32 Spray, Jesse  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I56924
33 Spray, Jesse  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56924
34 Spray, John  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I57086
35 Spray, John  7 Apr 1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I57086
36 Spray, Joshua  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I57066
37 Spray, Joshua  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56605
38 Spray, Joshua  1871Bexhill, Sussex, England I56605
39 Spray, Lester James  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I56895
40 Spray, Lester James  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56895
41 Spray, Lester Vitler  1871Bexhill, Sussex, England I56607
42 Spray, Lester Vitler  1881Bexhill, Sussex, England I56607
43 Spray, Lester Vitler  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I56607
44 Spray, Mary  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56319
45 Spray, Mary Jane  7 Apr 1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I57018
46 Spray, Nelson  1871Bexhill, Sussex, England I56717
47 Spray, Phoeba Margery  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I56570
48 Spray, Raymond Bishop  1871Bexhill, Sussex, England I56700
49 Spray, Raymond Bishop  1881Bexhill, Sussex, England I56700
50 Spray, Raymond Bishop  1891Bexhill, Sussex, England I56700
51 Spray, Raymond Bishop  1901Bexhill, Sussex, England I56700
52 Spray, Seth  1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56203
53 Spray, Stephen  1841Bexhill, Sussex, England I56915
54 Spray, Walter  1871Bexhill, Sussex, England I56904
55 Spray, William Burton  1871Bexhill, Sussex, England I56706
56 Tutt, Sophia  1871Bexhill, Sussex, England I56892


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Spray, John  7 Apr 1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I57086


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Fleming, Jane Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56933
2 Spray, Charles William  7 Apr 1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56934
3 Spray, Henry  7 Apr 1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I56955
4 Spray, John  7 Apr 1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I57086
5 Spray, Mary Jane  7 Apr 1861Bexhill, Sussex, England I57018


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Delves / Spray  25 Dec 1832Bexhill, Sussex, England F16907
2 Dengate / Reeves  22 Apr 1789Bexhill, Sussex, England F16769
3 Grigsby / Spray  28 Apr 1844Bexhill, Sussex, England F17076
4 Parker / Spray  20 May 1812Bexhill, Sussex, England F17030
5 Prior / Spray  19 Nov 1807Bexhill, Sussex, England F17082
6 Spray / Beeching  22 May 1817Bexhill, Sussex, England F17025
7 Spray / Carrick  9 May 1821Bexhill, Sussex, England F16856
8 Spray / Duke  16 Oct 1847Bexhill, Sussex, England F16910
9 Spray / Fleming  14 Nov 1852Bexhill, Sussex, England F16932
10 Spray / Fuller  20 Oct 1818Bexhill, Sussex, England F16861
11 Spray / Godwin  2 Feb 1864Bexhill, Sussex, England F17035
12 Spray / Stace  17 Apr 1637Bexhill, Sussex, England F16950