Bentley, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cook, Charlotte  25 Jun 1845Bentley, Hampshire, England I90418
2 Cook, Eliza  19 Jul 1840Bentley, Hampshire, England I90415
3 Cook, Elizabeth  31 Jul 1831Bentley, Hampshire, England I90412
4 Cook, Ellen  6 Aug 1848Bentley, Hampshire, England I90411
5 Cook, George  20 Apr 1809Bentley, Hampshire, England I90883
6 Cook, Harriet  Abt 1833Bentley, Hampshire, England I90349
7 Cook, James  24 Oct 1802Bentley, Hampshire, England I90881
8 Cook, Jane  Abt 1836Bentley, Hampshire, England I90413
9 Cook, John  20 Oct 1805Bentley, Hampshire, England I90408
10 Cook, John  Abt 1842Bentley, Hampshire, England I90416
11 Cook, Mary  28 Nov 1813Bentley, Hampshire, England I90884
12 Cook, Mary Ann  26 Nov 1826Bentley, Hampshire, England I90414
13 Cook, William  18 Oct 1811Bentley, Hampshire, England I90885
14 Cook, William  1 Mar 1829Bentley, Hampshire, England I90417
15 Hathaway, Edward  1819Bentley, Hampshire, England I96346
16 Snelling, Sarah  11 Apr 1777Bentley, Hampshire, England I90249
17 Webb, Mary  Abt 1840Bentley, Hampshire, England I91064
18 Windebank, Alfred  1848Bentley, Hampshire, England I96341
19 Windebank, Ann  1818Bentley, Hampshire, England I96333
20 Windebank, Charles  Jan 1848Bentley, Hampshire, England I96342
21 Windebank, Elizabeth  16 Aug 1801Bentley, Hampshire, England I96326
22 Windebank, Esther  1811Bentley, Hampshire, England I96330
23 Windebank, Henry  22 Jan 1809Bentley, Hampshire, England I96329
24 Windebank, James  1 Oct 1803Bentley, Hampshire, England I90247
25 Windebank, James  Apr 1835Bentley, Hampshire, England I96336
26 Windebank, Jane  17 Mar 1799Bentley, Hampshire, England I96325
27 Windebank, John  7 Jul 1811Bentley, Hampshire, England I96331
28 Windebank, Martha  1816Bentley, Hampshire, England I96332
29 Windebank, Moses  Oct 1851Bentley, Hampshire, England I96343
30 Windebank, Sarah  5 Apr 1797Bentley, Hampshire, England I96324
31 Windebank, Thomas  1769Bentley, Hampshire, England I90248
32 Windebank, Thomas  22 Sep 1833Bentley, Hampshire, England I96335
33 Windebank, William  27 Apr 1807Bentley, Hampshire, England I96328
34 Windebank, William  Abt 1845Bentley, Hampshire, England I96340


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cook, Charlotte  10 Aug 1845Bentley, Hampshire, England I90418
2 Cook, George  4 Jun 1809Bentley, Hampshire, England I90883
3 Cook, Harriet  5 Oct 1833Bentley, Hampshire, England I90349
4 Cook, Jane  12 Jun 1836Bentley, Hampshire, England I90413
5 Cook, John  1 Dec 1805Bentley, Hampshire, England I90408
6 Cook, John  30 Oct 1842Bentley, Hampshire, England I90416
7 Cook, William  1 Dec 1811Bentley, Hampshire, England I90885
8 Snelling, Sarah  17 May 1777Bentley, Hampshire, England I90249


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Windebank, Charles  Jan 1848Bentley, Hampshire, England I96342
2 Windebank, James  11 May 1835Bentley, Hampshire, England I96336
3 Windebank, James  Oct 1868Bentley, Hampshire, England I90247
4 Windebank, John  1879Bentley, Hampshire, England I96331
5 Windebank, Thomas  28 Aug 1831Bentley, Hampshire, England I90248
6 Windebank, Thomas  29 Nov 1833Bentley, Hampshire, England I96335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cook, Eliza  1841Bentley, Hampshire, England I90415
2 Cook, Eliza  1851Bentley, Hampshire, England I90415
3 Cook, Eliza  1861Bentley, Hampshire, England I90415
4 Cook, Elizabeth  1841Bentley, Hampshire, England I90412
5 Cook, Ellen  1851Bentley, Hampshire, England I90411
6 Cook, Ellen  1861Bentley, Hampshire, England I90411
7 Cook, Jane  1841Bentley, Hampshire, England I90413
8 Cook, John  1841Bentley, Hampshire, England I90408
9 Cook, John  1851Bentley, Hampshire, England I90408
10 Cook, John  1861Bentley, Hampshire, England I90408
11 Cook, Mary Ann  1841Bentley, Hampshire, England I90414
12 Cook, William  1841Bentley, Hampshire, England I90417
13 Freeman, Olive  1841Bentley, Hampshire, England I90410
14 Freeman, Olive  1851Bentley, Hampshire, England I90410
15 Freeman, Olive  1861Bentley, Hampshire, England I90410


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cook / Gale  6 Jun 1827Bentley, Hampshire, England F26605
2 Cook / Marshall  27 Dec 1801Bentley, Hampshire, England F26511
3 Windebank / Smith  1769Bentley, Hampshire, England F28044
4 Windebank / Snelling  23 Oct 1796Bentley, Hampshire, England F26347
5 Windibank / Cook  Abt 1857Bentley, Hampshire, England F26414