Anstey, Hertfordshire, England


Tree: The Williams Family Tree

Latitude: 51.9764744444444, Longitude: 0.0429152777777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barker, Benjamin  1783Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52699
2 Barker, Ellen  1830Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I51384
3 Barker, William  1821Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I80037
4 Barker, William  1823Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I80069
5 Bentley, Eliza Ann  1856Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I53259
6 Bye, Abigail  1827Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52707
7 Bye, Alice Mahala  1874Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52730
8 Bye, Charlotte Caroline  1869Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52727
9 Bye, Clara Louisa  1866Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52726
10 Bye, Eliza Agnes  1862Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52724
11 Bye, Emily  1857Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52712
12 Bye, Frederick Ernest  1878Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52732
13 Bye, Mary Ann  1871Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52728
14 Bye, Robert  Abt 1791Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52692
15 Bye, Rosina Beulah  1864Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52725
16 Bye, Ruth Mary  1881Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52733
17 Bye, Thomas  1831Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52691
18 Bye, William David  1860Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52713
19 Bye, William Robert  1875Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52731
20 South, Sarah  1792Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52693


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Barker, Benjamin  16 Mar 1783Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52699
2 Barker, William  1 Apr 1821Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I80037
3 Barker, William  12 Oct 1823Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I80069
4 Bye, Charlotte  16 Nov 1817Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52702
5 Bye, Eliza  1 Nov 1835Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52709
6 Bye, Mary  11 Dec 1785Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52696
7 Bye, Mary  7 Aug 1812Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52700
8 Bye, Ralph  18 Feb 1827Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52706
9 Bye, Robert  7 Jan 1791Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52692
10 Bye, Robert  28 Apr 1822Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52704
11 Bye, Sarah  6 Apr 1788Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52697
12 Bye, Sarah  4 Jul 1824Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52705
13 Bye, Susan  17 May 1829Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52708
14 Bye, Thomas  17 Jul 1831Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52691
15 Bye, William  6 Feb 1820Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52703
16 South, Catherine  7 Jun 1807Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52722
17 South, Charlotte  10 Jan 1796Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52718
18 South, Eliza  24 Jun 1810Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52723
19 South, Judith  25 Jul 1802Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52720
20 South, Sarah  7 Jan 1791Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52716
21 South, Sarah  26 Aug 1792Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52693
22 South, Sophia  10 Mar 1805Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52721
23 South, Susannah  2 Feb 1794Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52717
24 South, Thomas  8 Feb 1798Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52719


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barker, Benjamin  1844Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52699
2 Bye, Alice Mahala  1874Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52730
3 Funston, Sarah  1918Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I51275
4 South, Sarah  1885Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52693


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barker, Benjamin  11 Jul 1844Anstey, Hertfordshire, England I52699


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barker / Bye  14 Oct 1806Anstey, Hertfordshire, England F15754
2 Bye / South  14 Nov 1811Anstey, Hertfordshire, England F15751
3 Bye / Willson  18 Apr 1785Anstey, Hertfordshire, England F15752
4 South / Nunn  18 Feb 1790Anstey, Hertfordshire, England F15757