Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Elizabeth  1769Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108646
2 Baker, Elizabeth  1779Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108681
3 Bridle, Amelia  1820Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108698
4 Brindle, Charles  1842Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108699
5 Christopher, Caroline Jane  1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108604
6 Christopher, Charles  1838Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108600
7 Christopher, Edith  1847Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108708
8 Christopher, Frank  1864Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108601
9 Christopher, George  1833Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108595
10 Christopher, Henry John  1866Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108602
11 Christopher, John  1862Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108597
12 Christopher, Sarah Jane  1858Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108596
13 Christopher, Thomas  1864Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108598
14 Christopher, Walter Frederick  1868Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108603
15 Foot, Robert  1811Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108580
16 Hall, Ada Sarah  1859Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108665
17 Hall, Ann Shepard  1857Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108664
18 Hall, Emily Mary  1864Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108666
19 Hall, Florence Bessie  1864Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108667
20 Hall, Martha Lydia  1856Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108663
21 Hall, Mechael  1826Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108662
22 Kingsbury, Alice Mary  1879Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108677
23 Kingsbury, Ann  1806Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108649
24 Kingsbury, Emily Jane  1877Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108676
25 Kingsbury, Frances John  1832Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108682
26 Kingsbury, Francis John  1832Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108656
27 Kingsbury, James  1830Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108655
28 Kingsbury, James  1830Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108670
29 Kingsbury, Jane  1839Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108660
30 Kingsbury, John  1802Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108648
31 Kingsbury, Kate Eliza  1876Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108675
32 Kingsbury, Louisa Hannah Jane  1859Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108671
33 Kingsbury, Martha  1797Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108647
34 Kingsbury, Martha Ann  1844Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108690
35 Kingsbury, Martha Ann  1844Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108659
36 Kingsbury, Susannah Elizabeth  1836Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108657
37 Kingsbury, Susannah Elizabeth  1836Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108688
38 Kingsbury, Susannah Martha  1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108672
39 Kingsbury, Thomas  1763Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108645
40 Kingsbury, Thomas  1779Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108673
41 Kingsbury, Thomas George  1838Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108658
42 Kingsbury, Thomas George  1838Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108689
43 Kingsbury, Winifred Annie  1880Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108678
44 Longman, Elizabeth  1822Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108651
45 Longman, George  1824Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108652
46 Riggs, Alfred John  1850Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108621
47 Riggs, Alica  1824Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108609
48 Riggs, Arthur  1865Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108627
49 Riggs, Charles  1799Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108424
50 Riggs, Elizabeth Eliza  1828Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108613
51 Riggs, Emma  1826Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108612
52 Riggs, Fanny  1825Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108610
53 Riggs, Frances  1824Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108611
54 Riggs, Frank  1857Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108625
55 Riggs, Henry  1840Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108618
56 Riggs, Henry  1857Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108622
57 Riggs, Martha Ann  1850Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108620
58 Riggs, Mary  1859Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108626
59 Riggs, Mary Elizabeth  1829Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108614
60 Riggs, Mashick  1833Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108617
61 Riggs, Mercella  1856Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108624
62 Riggs, Priscella  1832Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108615
63 Riggs, Rhoda  1833Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108616
64 Riggs, Rhoda  1840Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108619
65 Riggs, Rose  1868Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108628
66 Riggs, Sarah  1821Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108608
67 Shepard, Ann Kingsbury  1827Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108661
68 Trash, Ann  1853Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108705
69 Trash, Caroline Ruth  1835Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108589
70 Trash, Christopher  1847Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108702
71 Trash, David  1820Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108700
72 Trash, Elizabeth  1844Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108594
73 Trash, Elizabeth  1849Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108703
74 Trash, Emily Ann  1870Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108709
75 Trash, Fanny  1860Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108706
76 Trash, Jane  1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108704
77 Trash, John  1812Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108587
78 Trash, John  1844Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108701
79 Trash, Philip  Dec 1842Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108593
80 Trash, Sarah  1837Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108590
81 Trash, Tamsey Anne  1838Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108591
82 Trash, Walter Charles  1872Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108710
83 Trash, William  1840Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108592
84 Tucker, Bertram George  1880Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108715
85 Tucker, Mary  1876Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108714
86 Tucker, Tom  1853Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108713
87 West, Ann  1845Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108631
88 West, Charles  1855Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108635
89 West, Elizabeth  1868Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108640
90 West, Fanny  1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108639
91 West, George  1820Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108630
92 West, Henry Riggs  1852Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108634
93 West, James  1858Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108636
94 West, John  1849Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108633
95 West, Julia Eliza  1847Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108632
96 West, Levi George  1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108638
97 West, Mary  1858Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108637


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Riggs, Martha Ann  28 Apr 1850Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108620


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jane  1844Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108588
2 Baker, Elizabeth  1825Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108646
3 Baker, Elizabeth  1825Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108681
4 Davies, Martha  1868Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108623
5 Galton, Mary  1866Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108607
6 Kingsbury, Jane  1864Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108660
7 Kingsbury, John  1870Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108648
8 Kingsbury, Martha  1853Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108647
9 Kingsbury, Susannah Elizabeth  1842Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108657
10 Kingsbury, Susannah Elizabeth  1842Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108688
11 Kingsbury, Susannah Martha  1862Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108672
12 Kingsbury, Thomas  1846Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108645
13 Longman, George  1847Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108652
14 Longman, James  1825Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108650
15 Riggs, Charles  1883Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108424
16 Riggs, Henry  1840Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108618
17 Riggs, Rhoda  1833Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108616
18 Rodgers, Louisa  1843Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108680
19 Shepard, Edward  1860Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108644
20 Short, Hannah  1875Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108686
21 Street, Hannah  1875Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108654
22 Trash, David  1876Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108700
23 Trash, John  1844Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108701
24 Trash, Philip  Dec 1842Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108593
25 Trash, Sarah  1865Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108590
26 Trash, William  1844Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108592
27 West, Charles  1858Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108635
28 West, Fanny  1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108639
29 West, George  1882Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108630
30 West, Levi George  1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108638


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brindle, Charles  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108699
2 Christopher, Charles  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108600
3 Christopher, George  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108595
4 Christopher, George  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108595
5 Christopher, John  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108597
6 Christopher, Sarah Jane  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108596
7 Christopher, Thomas  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108598
8 Hall, Ada Sarah  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108665
9 Hall, Martha Lydia  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108663
10 Hall, Mechael  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108662
11 Hall, Mechael  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108662
12 Kingsbury, James  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108655
13 Kingsbury, James  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108670
14 Kingsbury, John  6 Jun 1841Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108648
15 Kingsbury, John  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108648
16 Kingsbury, John  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108648
17 Kingsbury, Louisa Hannah Jane  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108671
18 Kingsbury, Martha  6 Jun 1841Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108647
19 Kingsbury, Martha  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108647
20 Kingsbury, Martha Ann  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108690
21 Kingsbury, Martha Ann  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108659
22 Kingsbury, Martha Ann  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108659
23 Kingsbury, Thomas  6 Jun 1841Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108673
24 Kingsbury, Thomas  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108673
25 Kingsbury, Thomas George  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108658
26 Kingsbury, Thomas George  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108689
27 Kingsbury, Thomas George  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108658
28 Kingsbury, Thomas George  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108658
29 Kingsbury, Thomas George  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108658
30 Longman, Elizabeth  6 Jun 1841Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108651
31 Riggs, Alfred John  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108621
32 Riggs, Alfred John  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108621
33 Riggs, Arthur  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108627
34 Riggs, Arthur  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108627
35 Riggs, Charles  6 Jun 1841Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108424
36 Riggs, Charles  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108424
37 Riggs, Charles  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108424
38 Riggs, Charles  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108424
39 Riggs, Elizabeth Eliza  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108613
40 Riggs, Elizabeth Eliza  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108613
41 Riggs, Emma  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108612
42 Riggs, Emma  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108612
43 Riggs, Emma  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108612
44 Riggs, Fanny  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108610
45 Riggs, Frank  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108625
46 Riggs, Henry  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108622
47 Riggs, Henry  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108622
48 Riggs, Mary  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108626
49 Riggs, Mashick  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108617
50 Riggs, Mashick  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108617
51 Riggs, Mashick  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108617
52 Riggs, Mashick  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108617
53 Riggs, Mercella  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108624
54 Riggs, Mercella  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108624
55 Riggs, Mercella  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108624
56 Riggs, Priscella  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108615
57 Riggs, Rhoda  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108619
58 Riggs, Rose  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108628
59 Trash, Ann  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108705
60 Trash, Ann  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108705
61 Trash, Ann  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108705
62 Trash, Christopher  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108702
63 Trash, Christopher  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108702
64 Trash, David  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108700
65 Trash, David  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108700
66 Trash, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108703
67 Trash, Fanny  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108706
68 Trash, Jane  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108704
69 Trash, John  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108587
70 Trash, John  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108587
71 Trash, John  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108587
72 Trash, John  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108587
73 Trash, John  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108587
74 Tucker, Mary  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108714
75 Tucker, Tom  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108713
76 West, Ann  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108631
77 West, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108640
78 West, George  30 Mar 1851Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108630
79 West, George  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108630
80 West, George  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108630
81 West, George  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108630
82 West, James  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108636
83 West, James  3 Apr 1881Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108636
84 West, John  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108633
85 West, Mary  2 Apr 1871Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108637


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hall, Ada Sarah  7 Apr 1861Cheeselbourne, Dorset, England I108665